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NFL Playoff Picture

With just two games left in the regular season, the sights of many an NFL fan turn to the playoffs. For some–for most, really–this means choosing a team to follow and root for throughout the postseason after your team has been eliminated. Browns fans have luckily had quite a few weeks (and years) to get accustomed to this practice, making… Read more →


Neutrality in the Super Bowl

Why is the Super Bowl played in a neutral location?   Every year in February millions of people–literally millions–gather around their televisions to watch the biggest sporting event of the year. There are parties planned around the Super Bowl, with meals, commercial watching and camaraderie abound in what becomes an evening to remember for most, football fans and otherwise. But… Read more →

Boom or Bust: Three Offensive Prospects that Could Make a Difference This Year

With the NFL season now gearing up, fantasy football drafts around the country are doing much of the same. As fantasy draft days begin making their marks on calendars and the days begin dwindling, fantasy owners are tediously compiling their lists of who they’ll draft and who they’ll avoid. Here are three players–two newcomers to the league and one sophomore–that… Read more →