In the adrenaline-loving American pastime that is football, the widely popular Super Bowl has become more than just a game. Instead, it is an unwritten national holiday where cities, states, and fans wage war on one another time and time again. It is an instant where simple tackles and trick plays will echo beyond the stadium and into the social media universe. It is a flash where a meek run can continue beyond its time. But most importantly, it is a moment where kings are crowned and cities become champions. This is why we love football.

For the Super Bowl, the event itself provides the public with a modern day version of war. Instead of swords and shields, we have quarterbacks and the defensive line. Instead of generals and conquers, we have Cam Newton and Peyton Manning. And instead of kingdoms and castles, we have North Carolina and Denver, Colorado. While this event happens every years, the lead up to this game has become more fueled, more driven, and more bloodthirsty than any other Super Bowl we have seen. But what attributes to this? What makes the 50th Super Bowl the one that will go down in ages? While some will debate, I believe the answer is simple. It all comes down to their generals.

For Super Bowl 50, this is not a David versus Goliath type of story. Instead, we have two heavy weight champions looking to make a name for themselves. In one corner, we have a man reaching the end of his illustrious career. With a ring already engraved in history, Peyton Manning has undoubtedly become the face and franchise of his team and the entire NFL. He is loved and adored by fans and respected by all during his time with the Indianapolis Colts, and now, the Denver Broncos. While already reaching the pinnacle of his career with a Super Bowl ring, Super Bowl MVP, countless titles, and various Tom Brady wins, Super Bowl 50 will give him an opportunity to catch up to his little brother Super Bowl wins and end his legacy as a true champion.


However, with every great contender comes an even greater competitor. In the other corner we have the self-proclaimed ‘Superman’ of the NFL, the young, the charismatic, and said ‘best quarterback of today,’ Cam Newton. Throwing his antics aside, Cam Newton has proven to be one of the greatest quarterbacks in history. Though he is only 26 years of age and just five years into the system, Cam has overcome a variety of obstacles taking an average NFL team and making them into a juggernaut powerhouse. With an already proven track record of getting things done, it is hard not to see how quickly the Panthers can be the next 2015 Super Bowl champions.

But of course, making those statements is extremely difficult. The minute a person steps on that stage, they enter a new mentality. Yes, there are other players that are impacting the overall results for this game, but at the end of the day, these two quarterbacks will be the sole definer for that win.

While we may not know who will win, what we can say confidently is that both Cam and Peyton have both set their football goals high and will stop to nothing till they get there. The battles of the titans will begin. The only question that matters now is: Who will you be rooting for?