In the modern day age of football, the game has changed. The pace is faster, the skill is higher, and the expectation for performing is greater. To help improve mobility, ball security, and response to various pressured situations, players, especially quarterbacks, need to go beyond the love the game and know the ins-and-outs of the field to truly make an impact every time they are on the field.

Below, you will find some helpful hints in how to improve your quarterback skills. The first few steps are the basics. Begin by building up that foundation. Having that foundation will allow you to manipulate and change the game for the betterment.


Ball Security Drill

One of the first things you need to do simply as a player is to have both the confidence and comfortable for the ball. We call this ball security. For pressured situations, you want to keep the ball high and tight. To do this split the head of the football and make sure you have a firm grip on the ball. In addition, but it you’re your elbow. To practice this, walk around with the ball high and tight on your chest. Move around with it until the feeling is comfortable.

For quarterbacks, this situation is a bit different. Try practice ball security by working the football in a circular motion around your head, under your arms, around your waist, around your knees, and around your legs. This process should be guided by your coach and should be done numerous times.


Elway Drill

This drill works both on footwork and accuracy. Create a box with four quarters made from bags so that the player can move up, down, left, or right on your command. Then create various targets or placements you want your player to throw to. This process allows your quarter back to become comfortable moving around in his space. In addition, it forces the player to work on his accuracy with various last minute targets set up for your player.


3–5 Step Drop

This drill requires two quarterbacks, one with the ball, with both facing each other 15 yards apart. During this process, the players will work on any sloppy drops in the pocket by working on their footwork, securing balance in pressured situations, and maintaining a strong grip. The task itself requires the quarterback with the ball to execute a three-step drop with his feet where he can be asked to move right, left, forward, or backwards and execute a throw. The process looks for the player to provide a strong explosive first step. By stepping directly behind himself. Afterwards the next two steps are called the balance steps. They are going to come underneath the quarterback, which are nice and quick. For this, the entire process is fast pace with no wasted time. The overall goal is to work on a QB’s steps, balance, and body posture to move the ball out.