The Super Bowl is one of the largest sporting events in the world because it is always privy to all sorts of unpredictable occurrences and surprising victors. However, based on the records and performance of some of the NFL’s teams, there are always smart odds to take. As the 2018-2019 season has unfolded, many teams expecting to make a stand have fallen off and many unexpected teams have risen to prominence. Here are 5 Predictions for the 2019 Super Bowl that seem likely as of now.

1. The Cowboys Shock the World

After their dynasty of the 90s, the Dallas Cowboys have largely fallen into mediocrity. In the beginning of this season, it looked as if they were going to repeat the recent trend. This was before they traded for Amari Copper and went on a five-game winning streak. They now sit atop the NFC East and are looking to make waves backed by their high-powered and speedy defense. Those shaking their heads at this one should remember their recent performance against the Saints, holding the NFL’s best offense and best quarterback to only 12 points.

2. The Eagles Shock the Cowboys

Hold on, a minute. The Cowboys are still in the same division as the defending Super Bowl champions, the Philadelphia Eagles. Although Dallas has beaten them twice, they are still theoretically in the hunt and can make a surprise reemergence in the final weeks of the season to spoil Dallas’ comeback party.

3. Tom Brady Wins Another One

The NFL’s most recent dynasty, the Patriots are current favorites to win the Super Bowl for another victory lap on Brady’s long resume. CBS expert R.J. White lists them as 6-1 favorites, in fact, atop the pack.

4. The Rams Take It All

The LA Rams have had an incredible season thus far, and it would only stand to reason that they are 10-1 favorites to take home the championship this season. Betting on them would be a wise move, indeed.

5. The Bears Return the Super Bowl Shuffle

The Shufflin’ Crew of the ’85 season is the stuff of legends. The Chicago Bears have a solid defense that is active in producing turnovers. Wouldn’t it be great if they proved that defense can still win championships?